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    Hacker's Quest is a stunning text adventure that needs a great hacker like you to reveal dark secrets. Read more about us here!

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What is Hacker's Quest?

Hacker's Quest is a stunning text adventure that needs a great hacker to reveal dark secrets. Inspired by the Linux shell your smartphone turns into a hacking terminal.* You'll get to know many people and companies - some will be moral and others may be evil. Listen to your knowledge of human nature and trust your technical skills to cope with this thrilling adventure. Perform well enough and you'll be a big boy soon!

Keep your feet on the ground and be prepared at all times! As you infiltrate your enemies danger's all around you. You'll need to pass several challenges and minigames to become the winner in the end. If you're keeping your eyes open you gonna find some hidden information which distracted hackers will miss! Hacker's Quest offers a medal system, therefore you can earn achievements by mastering the quest.

* Hacker's Quest is a virtual offline adventure. Playing this game will not teach you hacking. The entire computer environment is simulated. No real computers are hacked and we do not advocate hacking or other forms of cyber crime. Prior knowledge of Linux or computer technology is not required.